Whirl Girl Glass is fused and Stained Glass by Tammy Zehner.  My studio is a whirl wind of activity as I draw inspiration from my small rescue farm (Misfit Farms) located in Louisville, Ohio.  My studio companions consist of three Dalmatians (two deaf). You wouldn't think that would be possible surrounded by glass but I just can't work without them! 

 Most of my sketching and design ideas are done outdoors overlooking my two rescued horses. I try to incorporate everyday upcycled items into my designs.  There is never a shortage of bailing twine, scrap metal, horseshoes, reclaimed glass and the occasional beer and wine bottles at my house.  Recently, I have been recycling these items either in product or packaging and I love the challenge of designing around everyday objects that would otherwise be discarded.   This new approach has allowed me to grow as an artist and a conservationist.